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Had more sauce in my ribs box which is always great!
placed by Delaney Hunt on the 19th September 2018

Still the best

Food was great as per usual! And it got delivered really early this time, I ordered at 8pm, had it estimated for 8:50 - 9:05 and got it at 8:30pm! I was so happy cause I was starving and ready for some delicious ribs!
placed by Delaney Hunt on the 14th August 2018

Best Chinese in Nottingham

Has to be the best chinese in Nottingham! Been going for years and never once had a problem with the food or order. Always recommend to people too!
placed by Lauren Heseltine on the 10th August 2018


I think San San Garden's food is awesome. I have always ordered from them and they have always been great, food has always been cooked well and always very tasty. (So far so good and hopefully they can continue being amazing.)
placed by Franco Sánchez on the 2nd August 2018

Good first time experience

First time ordering from this chinese, was happy with the food and portion sizes. will most likely return as it is conveniently just across the road.
placed by Leah Elding on the 13th July 2018


I got a curry this time and it was top notch
placed by Delaney Hunt on the 8th June 2018


another great experience and those spare ribs are to die for!
placed by Delaney Hunt on the 30th April 2018


I had tried something new this time and I wasn't disappointed at all!
placed by Delaney Hunt on the 10th March 2018


Great food , all came hot and arrived not long after we had ordered it . Well recommended
placed by Cherise Bisset on the 27th January 2018


always buy sansan it’s my favourite chinese, i live far away from the radius in which sansan delivers too, and if there not busy there willing to deliver to me :)
placed by anya smith on the 26th January 2018

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